Chapel Wedding


This package has been receiving a lot of love recently, regardless of religion. Because of the abundant natural light shining through the stained glass windows, you will feel as though you are receiving additional blessings. Your wedding will be elegant due to the management of an expert. We recommend this package for the brides and grooms that do not want to have an outdoor wedding.

Included In Package

Venue / Dress & Tuxedo / Bride’s Hair & Makeup / Groom’s Hair & Makeup / Bouquet, Boutonnière / Organ Music / Wedding Singer / Wedding Certificate (For Commemoration) / 1 Hour With Photographer / Flower Decorations In Chapel / Round-Trip Vehicle

Main Packages

Marina Kai / Aqua Marina / Akala Chapel / Lani Lea Chapel / Paradise Cove Chapel / Hanalani Chapel / Etc.

The included items in each package are altered from time to time so please contact us if you have any questions.

Chapel Wedding Portfolio