PLEASE READ for IDO Wedding’s wedding planning and photography session procedure.
Read and follow the steps below and fill in your preferred wedding and photography session date through the reservation form.
We will contact you on the contact number or email address you provide and give you a reservation consultation.

Consultation and Meeting

We determine the specific details of the concept and location in a prior meeting. (Most are done electronically, such as sending emails of sample pictures and the estimated costs.)

Reservation Finalization

After reviewing the instructions you received, pay the reservation deposit and your reservation will be confirmed.

Fitting Day and Wedding Day

The fitting is usually the day before the Wedding day at the IDO Hawaii Wedding shop and you can try on all the dresses and tuxedos along with choosing your makeup, styling, etc.
The hair and makeup plus other preparations start 3 to 4 hours before the wedding.


The photographs are sent between 3 to 4 weeks.
If you want to order an album with your photographs inside, please do not hesitate to ask us.

I DO Package Description and Inquiry

Package Description

[Wedding & Photography Session Description]

-The timeline and included services differ based on each package.
-Based on the concept, there can be extra props or services added on, which will create a separate expense.
-Natural disasters can cause schedule changes and cancel an event in which we do not give refunds. However, if you pay for the ‘Rainy Day Insurance’, we will give you a refund for an event that has been cancelled due to the rain. Please do not hesitate to ask us for a detailed description of the ‘Rainy Day Insurance’.

[Inquiry Steps]

-Please fill in the blanks in the inquiry form correctly and in the right order (Date, Location, Remarks.)
After checking our schedule, we will call you for your consultation as quickly as possible.
-Your reservation will be confirmed as soon as you send in the reservation payment (30% of your package) and the renting expense, after the consultation.

[Refund Policy]

-If you cancel your package 30 days prior to the event, your reservation payment (30% of your package) will be refunded excluding the renting expense.
-The renting expense cannot be refunded.
-If you cancel your package less than 30 days prior to the event, the payment cannot be refunded.

Additional Questions
TEl 070-8223-2058(South Korea) /+1 808-425-4044(Oahu Office)/+1 808-225-2058(Emergency Contact)



1. Collection of personal information, the purpose of use

Personal information collected will be used only for the purpose of consulting about the wedding and gaining knowledge on how to create and proceed with the wedding. Personal information can only be read by relevant personnel.

2. Collection of Personal Information

According to Article 15 of the Personal Information Protection Act, a person must first give consent before their personal information is obtained or used. The information we collect is listed below.

Required Information: Name, Telephone Number, Email
Personal information is in our possession for six months after completion of your consultation and/or wedding, then destroyed immediately.